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11:16 am DD2365
11:16 am DD2365 BCAM-SC-Lab2.pdf
11:08 am DD2365


02:55 pm DD2365


01:03 pm CTL-ports ctl-ports-supermuc-intel-2014_06_09.tar.gz


09:26 pm CTL-ports Feature #137 (In Progress): Add support for all the supercomputer architectures CTL/KTH and CT/BC...
We now have access to 5 supercomputer architectures:
Lindgren/KTH (Cray XE6)
Povel/KTH (standard Infiniband clust...
09:20 pm CTL-ports Feature #136 (Feedback): Generalize the MareNostrum branch
I would like to generalize the support for MareNostrum so it could be chosen from a list of architectures instead of ...


03:01 pm DOLFIN HPC Feature #8: Add support for UFL with DOLFIN-HPC
Ok, I am not pushing for Auréliens branch to be merged. It would be useful to have a branch available that incorporat...
02:52 pm DOLFIN HPC Feature #8 (Resolved): Add support for UFL with DOLFIN-HPC
The feature has been implemented by Cem and is working, and is available in Auréliens branch:


05:37 pm DOLFIN HPC Code review #67: Dofmap ordering
No, that commit (45c764f9) actually changes the dofmap back to be compatible with the original dofmap. Here's the exp...

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