For more KTH/CSC centric information, see the HPC Tutorial

General questions on the platform

What is Dryad ?

  • Platform based on Redmine, using Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Provides a set of tools for collaborative development
    • Bug Tracker: to file issues or requests for enhancement
    • Code Repositories: to share code with collaborators, possibly external to KTH
    • Wiki: to document your application and describe the development status
    • Time reporting: to track the time spent on projects
    • Code Review: to ensure code quality by peer-review

What features are provided ?

The front-end consists of a set of projects, possibly hierarchized (see the FEniCS-HPC project for instance)
  • Each project can make use of a selection of components, accessible through tabs in the interface:
    • Issue tracking
    • Time tracking
    • News
    • Documents
    • Files
    • Wiki
    • Repository
    • Forums
    • Calendar
    • Gantt
    • Code reviews
  • Access control based on roles: the access to a whole project or specific information provided by components of Redmine (Wiki, Repositories) can be controlled in a fine-grained fashion. These ones can be defined by Groups and Roles.
    • Groups : can be defined to assigned a set of users easily to projects.
    • Roles: can be defined to determine the credentials for differents actions of Redmine components.
      • Reporter : can post messages, view documents/planning/files/wiki/etc..., file an issue, view and browse repositories (but not commit)
      • Developer : Reporter + edition and commit rights
      • Manager : Developer + manage project and users
    • Other roles defined by CTL:
      • Student: retricted Developer (no issues management)
  • Management of code repositories is only available with GIT

Where can I find help ?

  • Site project holds the documentation
  • You can:
    • file bugs related to the website
    • read or add documentation at the wiki
    • ask a question on the forum

Where to start ?

  • The Homepage shows a list of the latest projects: only the public ones for unregistered users.
  • Main entries can be reached through the top-left menu:


  • Home: back to Homepage
  • My Page: can be customized and lists by default the latest assigned and reported issues
  • Projects: contains the detailed list of registered projects visible by the user
  • Administrator: as usual, administration interface
  • Help: link to the help on the Redmine website.
  • Following a link to a project like DOLFIN-HPC, opens the overview page with the following elements:
    • Short description
    • Status of the bug tracker
    • List of members
    • Time tracking if enabled
    • ...

  • Access to the different components (Wiki, Forums,..) activated for the project is made through the tabs:


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