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Complete UFC interface to full UFC 2.x compatibility.

Added by Aurélien Larcher over 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Priority:NormalDue date:02/03/2014
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Target version:0.9.0-hpc


The state of the UFC interface is not complete, as not everything as been upgraded to be compatible with UFC 2.1:

  • In ufc::finite_element:
    1. the "vectorized" versions "evaluate_basis_all" and "evaluate_basis_derivatives_all" are not implemented, possible speed-up
    2. the "topological_dimension" and "geometric_dimension" neither, kind of emulated through the FiniteElement wrapper class
    3. "map_from_reference_cell" and "map_to_reference_cell", would be interesting to expose that to the C++ side
    4. possibly add order(), family() and type() to the interface
  • In ufc::dof_map:
    1. num_entity_dofs and tabulate_entity_dofs would ease life


Feature #134: Missing functions in FiniteElement and DofMap that were d...ClosedAurélien Larcher

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Some functions throw an exception in UFC 1.1.2 although they are claimed to be introduced in version 1.1:

In finite_element:
  1. evaluate_basis_all
  2. evaluate_basis_derivatives_all
  3. evaluate_dofs
In dofmap:
  1. geometric_dimension
  2. num_entity_dofs
  3. tabulate_entity_dofs

They are actually usable in UFC 2.1 as the code is generated and should not be disabled in the header ufc.h provided by UFC 2.1.

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Fixed in 2.1.3.
Only mappings to reference cell are not handled.
This could be done thanks to EquiAffineMap.

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